Hold Your Wedding Gifts For Tony & Jess

Hold Your Wedding Gifts For Tony & Jess

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are not ready to get married.

According to OK! Magazine, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are crazy (about each other) but not planning on getting married any times soon. Whew. That probably means she's still on the birth control. Good to know. She went on The View the other day to promote her debut country western music album and the girls had to know about Tony.

Can you believe that these 2 have only been dating 9 months? It seems like they've had enough ups and downs and ins and outs for much longer relationship. She's been accused of ruining his career (Ono!), his lifestyle's been accused of hospitalizing her, and her dad (Papa Simpson) has been accused of interfering to the detriment of their relationship. In a 'civilian' relationship you've probably met the parents like twice in the first 6 months and sure they pry but you've got your own life. And ruining his workplace mojo (or moxie, grit, and composure) is probably only concern if you breakup. Boozing enough to get a urinary tract infection (if that's possible) sounds like something that could happen on a 4-day weekend in Panama City to any of us. The problem is that celebrities have too much time on their hands.

If you have no kids and aren't working on an album or movie or show, then you probably can't work out more than 2-3 hours a day. That leaves at least 12 hours of time a day to fill. Us regular people can only handle a few days of that in a row without having serious problems (an idle mind is the devil's workshop, dad). So we do yard work and go to sporting events and concerts but we'd have serious issues if we had 25 weeks a year to fill like that. Throw in some overbearing stage parents and a relentlessly analytical and invasive media and it's miracle that anything ever works out for anyone. That being said, the new Us Weekly (Jake moved in with Reese!) just got dropped off, so later.