The Right To Good Sex


Ecuadorian politician is one smart cookie.

Once the province of cheesy porn involving toy hand-cuffs and very tight cop uniforms, the phrase "You have the right to good sex!" should be legislation in Ecuador, a politician there says. Though her idea was eventually scuttled as being not appropriate for Ecuador's constitution, the female politician sparked debate in the deeply religious country.

Says New Zealand's TVNZ:

"...the 45-year-old mother of two says Ecuador's male-dominated society has forced women to serve as sexual objects, and her proposal aimed to bring gender equality and fight sexual violence even if that meant women suing their husbands."

Sounds like a great idea, right, ladies? All right, boys. Who's gonna propose it? Dick Cheney? Rick Santorum? Anyone? Anyone?

(I am so kidding -- many a college fling who'd be forlornly rotting away behind bars...)