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Speed dating proves fruitful for Rajul.

I went speed dating last week. The single professional gal going speed dating in the city, could I be more cliche? Truth be told, it was all in the name of investigative journalism. You may be laughing like "Yea right Rajul, you just wanted to get some fresh new tail for the summer games."

Mock me if you must, but I was really looking forward to the stories I'd be able to tell about the freakshows/crazies I met. As usual, I was wrong and most of the guys I met were actually decent, smart and kind of funny. Well, this is what I could gage in the span of six minutes. It could all be just a script for them until they lured a woman back to their apartment where a cyanide-dipped napkin and three sharpened butcher knives awaited.

Yes, maybe I watch a little too much CSI but it's better safe than sorry. Back to the speed dating. It was exactly how it looked on TV, except with more mediocre looking guys (and females - hey, I know I'm no Eva Mendes). The gong sounded and the guy moved to the next table, either leaving you sighing with relief that the mini snorefest conversation was over, or curious for more. I gotta admit, I was hardly bored. These guys had interesting stories, and so did I - not to toot my own horn (one could say I was speed dating so I don't have to toot my own horn anymore - teehee). Here's an excerpt of the rundown:

Date 2: The Teacher
"So what do you do?" I asked one date, as I sipped on my dirty mar.

"I'm unemployed and I live at home with my mom," he said with a straight face.

"Oh," I said, my lower lip tucked under out of sheer awkwardness. "I um...Oh."

"Just kidding," he said and burst out laughing. I laughed too, secretly thinking he could have done better with an opening joke. He actually turned out to be quite funny, so I let it slide.

Date 4: The Scottish Hottie:

(In my head) This guy's cute, there's gotta be something wrong with him.

"Are you Indian?" He asked.

"Yes, very much so." I replied.

"I've been to India, have you?"

And from there he went on to compare opinions on the temples of Jaipur with me. It was like, like neo-soul. It's sexy to me when a man can explore and describe the majesty of a culture different than his own - especially if it's my culture.

Date 7: The Politically Incorrect

"Are you Indian?"


"Wow. I go to med school and everyone there is Indian. There aren't a lot of Indian girls that look like you though. They mostly talk like this, 'Hullo hov are you?'"

You don't even want to know the rest of the convo. Let's just say I tried to bribe the host into ringing the gong in 3 minutes.

You get the gist. Most were no-go's but I matched with two guys who seem nice and kind of normal and I'm planning to go on dates with them this week. I really didn't think I'd get dates out of this, based on my squeamishness when it comes to dating new guys, but I really have no choice.

See, Denise (my roommate) and I have a little contest going this summer based on who can have more summer flings. There's a chart and everything, with little stickers and a guide sheet of rules. We do not play around. BTW, if anyone falls for a guy and ends up in a serious relationship before Labor Day, they are automatically disqualified, shamed to the public and have to tattoo 'LOSER' on their arm (in henna - we're not that crazy).

Speed dating got me kind of riled up, ready for the competition to begin. Now Denise is a professional (dater, not prostitute) and she's beautiful and smart to boot, so this won't be easy. But I decided that with the seriousness that is my past love life, I could use some fun.

So I'm in it to win it. Let the games begin.