Brinkley Husband Paid Girl 300K

Brinkley Husband Paid Girl 300K

Peter Cook, evidently, paid his affair to keep quiet.

Well, it's looking like this Christie Brinkley divorce from Peter Cook may go on as planned. And Brinkley wants the young lady that Cook hooked up with to testify. But back in March of 2007, Cook paid Diana Bianchi $300,000 not to sue him for sexual harassment AND to keep quiet about their affair. The Improper reports that Bianchi held up her end of the bargain for a little over a year and that she wants to break into show business at some point. We didn't realize that hush money had such a short term. Maybe she can get a reality show with Ashley Dupre.

VH1 would definitely buy The Other Women With Ashley and Diana. The show could follow them as they try to become successful recording artist, drink champagne, and romance emotionally immature older dudes. The only problem is they're from 2 different shores. Jersey shore and Hamptons do not mix well. That could be an underlying theme and so could their mutual dislike for Tila Tequila. Who does she think she is, anyway? She didn't even have to sleep with a weird older guy for her money/15 minutes of fame.

Lest you think that no one cares about old Peter Cook, his new chick has come to his defense, via the New York Post. Suzanne Shaw doesn't think the guy should be judged by one big mistake. We agree with that. But Brinkley's case basically hinges on painting Cook as a guy that was always online trying to meet other swinging couples. Someone needs to settle.

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