Trash the Wedding Dress

Trash the Wedding Dress

A dirty new trend for gowns.

A funny coincidence: I was going through my very small, very packed closet a few days ago, and I unearthed my wedding gown. It's not one of those ginormous gowns. It's understated and, for me, perfect. I tried it on.

Two years and one baby later, and I'm proud to say it still fits. It was promptly returned to the eternal wardrobe limbo: Too precious to give up, too formal to ever wear again. I feel bad for it sitting there all by its lonesome.

Just as bumbled through my closet, I unintentionally found a new use for the dress with surfing the Internet. Yes, we've heard of Trashing the Dress; nothing new there. But what about creating an elaborate photo shoot out of it? posted an article (and video) on a local photographer who going the "Trash the Dress" route (aka Down the Gown or Mess with the Dress) and documenting it on film. Apparently, the new trend is “new and grittier post-wedding albums. Who knew? But I like the sound of it.

Don't worry the dresses don't get literally trashed. The woman interviewed planned to have her dry-cleaned and stored. So why bother? She said her wedding day passed so quickly, that she didn't spend much time in the gown or enjoy wearing something that she spent so long selecting (and paying for). Why not jump in the fountain in it? God know there was zero chance of that happening on the Big Day.

I'm all in favor of it. In fact, I might just contact that photog, spring my wedding dress from closet jail, and see what kind of trouble we can get into.


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