VA Dudes' Marriage Trickery

VA Dudes' Marriage Trickery
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"Bride" and "groom" prove inexact terms in Virginia marriage.

It appears that a couple of men pulled a fast one on the Commonwealth of Virginia. The AP reports (via the Miami Herald) that 2 men were able to use a design flaw on the Virginia driver's license to pull off a gay marriage coup in Norfolk, Virginia. Essentially, Antonio Blount and Justin L McCain took advantage of a bit of camouflage behind the gender designation on the license and procured themselves a marriage certificate.

The story goes that McCain verbally identified himself as "Justine McCain" and has a figure that most women would kill for. It remains unclear if Justin L McCain is transgender and what happens if he does identify himself as a female. The whole affair started unraveling when Justin L McCain petitioned for a name change. He wanted to be known as "Penelopsky Aaryonna Goldberry." Diva Muffin Zappa was taken.

The case does bring up a few sticky questions about the nature of gender identity, per the AP all but 3 states (Ohio, Tennessee, and Idaho) change birth certificates to reflect the results of gender reassignment surgery. Which makes marriage between a transgender person and someone of his/her original gender somewhat more clear. Somewhere George Allen's head is about to explode. In order to avoid future shenanigans, the marriage license office has replaced "bride" and "groom" with "female applicant" and "male applicant." Fool us once; shame on you. Fool us twice; and we have to tell mom that uncle Bruce and his roommate Stephen are more than just 'good friends.'