Christie Brinkley On The Offensive

Christie Brinkley On The Offensive

Christie Brinkley's divorce from Peter Cook could get ugly.

In a move that is likely to precede an out-of-court settlement, Christie Brinkley has won the right to make her divorce proceedings public. According to FoxNews, estranged husband Peter Cook was trying to keep the whole affair (get it?) private for the sake of their 2 young children. Which is code for "I don't want my kids to hear about all this shady stuff I'm into. I like them thinking that I'm pretty awesome."

The shadiness involved but was not limited to hooking up with an 18-year old in the Hamptons and dating Brinkley and singer Samantha Cole concurrently back in the mid 90's. Evidently, Brinkley is taking the high road on this but still wants make sure she gets her fair share of assets and as much custody as possible of the 2 kids. She's been riding this thing out in the Hamptons with nary a word to the press, media, and gossip mongers. Man, it must be awesome to be part of the Hamptons "in crowd." It's like The Great Gatsby meets Weekend At Bernie's meets The Very Best Of Billy Joel. "I may be drunk. I may be lazy. But it just might be a drunken lethargic you're looking for." Just don't get shot and left in a pool, otherwise Andrew McCarthy and Sarah Silverman's brother are going to drag you around all week on a motorcycle in the rain.

Clearly we don't know have any idea what's happening behind closed doors in the Cook-Brinkley marriage, but c'mon, man. Anytime that your marriage needs a little shot in the arm, you pack the kids and a few female relatives into the old station wagon, let Brinkley catch up to you in her Ferrari, then meet at some motel in Arizona, and let nature take its course. And by take it's course we mean go skinny-dipping and wake up all of the guests because the water's too exhilarating. Beverly D'Angelo can come along too. Crisis averted, marriage saved. Nowhere does an 18-year old in the Hamptons come into equation. Their trial is set for the 2nd of July, so we're guessing they'll have a preliminary settlement squared away by June 30th.

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