Pricey Dating Site Accused Of Deception

Pricey Dating Site Accused Of Deception

"Great Expectations" lead to great disappointment and possibly fraud.

The Arizona Republic is reporting that some unhappy customers think they are victims of online dating fraud. The site 'Great Expectations For Singles' is being accused of misrepresenting their success rate, the number and demeanor of singles who are ready to mingle, and that their clients have been thoroughly screened. On top of that, the whole thing was quite expensive and the salesmen were of the hard sell school. The folks at 'Great Expectations' feel confident that they'll be exonerated when they get their day in court, they've got high hopes.

That's a bummer man, though, for the people that feel they were screwed. But, honestly, how can you not be disappointed with a service called "Great Expectations"? How can anything possibly live up to that? Even if you do have the magic stick, you gotta sandbag a little. It's like going to see a Mike Myers movie. It's all about cautious optimism with a dash of unbridled enthusiasm. For instance, we'll probably go see The Love Guru but we're not going to make it the centerpiece of an evening. It's like; grab a couple of slices of pizza, find a theater that serves Coke products (Pepsi is the Coors Light of soft drinks), watch Myers do his Guru Pitka thing for 90 minutes, and then hit a bar with some friends. Either way, you probably had a good night. We suppose the problem is if the movie cost like $4,000 and was guaranteed to literally make us pee our pants laughing, we'd be pretty disappointed almost no matter how good it was.

Speaking of Great Expectations, did any of you read that book? We were underwhelmed. That Pip was a real bozo and Mrs. Havisham really got a raw deal, with her crazy ass. In conclusion, reading Dickens, watching Mike Myers, and online dating should all be done with a grain of salt, you can luck out and really enjoy it as long as you're not aiming too high.