Tracey Edmonds And Puff Daddy?

Tracey Edmonds And Puff Daddy?

Is Diddy dating Eddie Murphy's ex?

 These guys don't waste much time. Bossip is reporting that businessman Sean "Diddy" Combs and one-time Eddie Murphy almost-wife Tracey Edmonds are indeed an item. This should put to bed any rumors about Cameron Diaz and Diddy doing the dirty (or not!) and probably means that Tracey Edmonds has recovered from not-legally marrying Eddie Murphy in French Polynesia. What does this mean for the rest of us? No clue. Bossip seems to think this will mean more of Edmonds on the big screen or at least less of her on BET. Bossip also has some quote from Edmonds about Puff Daddy being the funniest man she knows. Whaaaa? Wasn't she an eyelash away from being married to Eddie Murphy? WTF? Sure, Nash Pluto was lame but dude made Coming To America. Have you ever heard any of the skits on Puffy's albums? Not that funny, sure the "Mo' Money Mo' Problems" video was pretty funny but Hype Williams and Ma$e get some credit there, right? Eddie Murphy was Buckwheat, man!

In other Sean Combs news, the minxes over at DListed are reporting that he is a well-kept man. And likes to really treat ladies that are spending time with him that includes manicures, pedicures, and genital waxing... for him. And use of his cologne 'Unforgiveable Black' which was also a documentary about boxer (and not laidback singer/ songwriter) Jack Johnson. You know what? The idea of Diddy grooming for a 'date' is at least as funny as Beverly Hills Cop 2. You've got a keeper, Tracey Edmonds. Good luck ya'll.

NOTE: The documentary about boxer Jack Johnson is Unforgivably Black and it's excellent. Singer/ songwriter Jack Johnson tells his life story in the Curious George soundtrack, hacky sack.