Vacation Sex... At Home

couple kissing
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Making "staycation" sex as good as vacation sex.

Most couples agree that sex on vacation beats their time between the sheets at home. But, as Newsweek reports this week, partners generally define "better" in different ways.

For men, it's about quantity. For women, it's about quality. This seems logical. Vacation, provided couples aren't sharing hotel rooms with kids, offers a happy medium: there's more sex and it's more satisfying.

Without physical reminders of responsibility (like computers, piles of mail, etc.) and daily obligations (getting up with the kids or for work), couples feel more relaxed and -- according to Kinsey Institute research -- nothing has a greater effect on sexual arousal and response than mood. Clearly, other factors like drinking more and eliminating the possibility of a child bursting into the room allow couples to be less inhibited and less rushed, resulting in better sex for both partners.

As the slow economy and fast-tallying pump prices make "staycations" more appealing to many Americans, there has to be a way to recreate the atmosphere of a vacation in the bedroom. Banished cell phones and computers would probably be a good start. As novelty of location enhances vacation sex, try changing locales or time of day. And, if there's anything to put you in a good mood, chances are you'll have good sex. Travel not required.