Gun Lovers Unite!

Gun Lovers Unite!

Gun enthusiasts now have an online dating site.

The Open Press has a headline I couldn't pass up: Gun Lovers Passions Offers Free Social Networking & Dating for Hunters & Second Amendment Advocates.

Talk about niche dating sites: There's an online dating site for gun enthusiasts called Hunters, firearm collectors, skeet shooters, even paintballers, come one, come all. You each have your own "gun group."

Says the site:
"Gun issues can be difficult issues to bridge when two people are on opposite sides, and by providing a community where everyone is on the same side, Gun Lovers Passions hopes to make it easier for members to make new friends and maybe even find a little romance. Presumably, it is a little easier to break the ice when two people share something in common, whether that be an appreciation for a specific type of handgun, or the shared commitment to the support of the 2nd Amendment and Pro Gun Rights."

Considering there's a site for everything else under the sun, why not this? Love it! Now if only everyone on the site looks as "equipped" as the woman above. Chances are slim...


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