Klum Gets Seal Tattoo

Klum Gets Seal Tattoo

Heidi Klum has herself a LOVE tattoo.

Nice. That's 2 Heidi Klum-Seal stories in the last 10 days. Forget having kids, if someone gets your name tattooed on a visible place upon their body, you're sittin' pretty. Unless they're crazy, then you're in for a world of hurt. TMZ shows a picture taken right here on the little island of Manhattan in which Klum has put her husband's name/symbol on her forearm. Though we didn't know that the singer spelled his name with crazy glyphs and pictographs. It would have been sorta cute if Heidi would have gotten the Seal's namesake, the semi-aquatic marine mammal, tattooed on her forearm. Maybe with a little beach ball or a penguin in it's mouth.

This getting your spouse's name tattooed trend for celebs is really gaining steam. Johnny Depp has a nice tattoo for Vanessa Paradis. David Beckham has a colored Posh Spice pin-up tattoo. The Cannons (Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon) got each other's names inked after their whirlwind wedding. And there's a rumor that John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston got little 'J' tattoos because both their names start with 'J,' which is a little like a dude getting his wife a riding lawnmower for her birthday, but whatever. Grown folks should be able to get any tattoos they like whenever they want but celebrities should have a 90-day waiting period for getting a tattoo of a lover. We could call it the Carter-Jolie Bill after the Paris Hilton tattoo that Nick Carter got and the Billy Bob tat that Angelina sported.

Any other embarrassing celebrity love tattoos that you can think of?