Mario Lopez: Lady Killer

Mario Lopez: Lady Killer

People's sexiest bachelor has an Eva Longoria confession.

Okeedokee. Mario Lopez (AC Slater) has been chosen by People as the sexiest bachelor in America if not the world or universe. We know, somewhere K-Fed is rearranging someone's car with his father-of-the-year trophy. Lopez is newly single after breaking things off with Karina Smirnoff (the other Mario, Mario Bennett, was allegedly involved). So, he's celebrating his singledom with 'sexiness' and some unfinished business with A Chorus Line on Broadway. He's gotta be the toast of lady tourists and the rest of the 'Bell-head' community. We're willing to bet that if someone could get the cast of Saved By The Bell back together for a stage show they could make a fortune. They'd have to play their characters back in high school (audience, suspend your imaginations) or transplant that show onto a setting akin to The Office. Mr. Belding as an overwhelmed supervisor, Zach Morris as the hot-shot salesman, Lisa Turtle as the administrative assistant, Screech doing his thing, Jessie Spano in accounting (and stockings), and Kelly Kapowski as the HR rep. Happy hour at The Max, anyone? Good times.

So, in addition to being the sexiest man alive (we demand a recount), Mario Lopez had some love to share. According to an interview with EntertainmentWise, Lopez sort of wishes that he didn't get caught in the 'friend zone' with Eva Longoria. He walked her mom down the aisle at Longoria's wedding to Tony Parker and sort of wishes he was waiting up front with the priest. Nothing good has ever come of a revelation like this. Now things will be awkward with the Parkers. Contrary to John Hughes films, the theater dude never really steals the jock's girl without serious repercussions (like maxillofacial reconstructive surgery).