The Wrath Away Of Hathaway

anne hathaway

Anne Hathaway dropped Raffaello Follieri, clearly he didn't get smart.

Man, a guy writes a few bad checks, has his charity investigated for fraud, and suddenly the Princess Diaries goes Havoc on your Prada-wearing ass (ugh). The good news is that some lucky lady (ies) in NYC will get a chance to bail Italian real estater Raffaello Follieri (he looks a little like Zach Braff and not just they look sleepy or bored all the time) out of the pokey. Yep, according to The Daily Mail, lil' Annie Hathaway is newly single. She broke up with Follieri over the weekend. Weird, that she's got a movie blockbuster movie coming out on Friday (Get Smart) and she broke up with her dude. Weird timing.

According to 'sources' the 2 fought like laser cats while Anne Hathaway was making Get Smart and she started wondering if it was worth the time. Then Steve Carell started giving some advice. No word what the advice is but we're guessing that it was something about nailing a bunch of hood rats 'til you get good at sex, then going after a decent fella. Wait a second, The Rock is newly single and they were in Get Smart together. Let's hope that someone doesn't end up with a folding chair to the noggin as a result of this. We do not care for Follieri's chances if it comes to fisticuffs against The Rock

Who should Anne Hathaway hook up with next? Is there classic-looking actor out there that would be a good complement to her elegant ass?