Random Celebrity Gossip Silliness

Random Celebrity Gossip Silliness

The Madden Brothers, Mary Louise Parker, and Corey Haim are in the news.

Today's random celebrity gossip roundup.

The Madden Brothers on marriage

According to Entertainment Tonight, the Madden brothers (Joel and Benji not John and Steve) are not married and don't plan on getting married in the near future. Joel Madden "shocked" the media by doctoring some wedding photos over the weekend and posting them on his website. And then he let everyone in on the joke. That is some good Charlotte. Ashton Kutcher best believe that there's a new sheriff in the celebrity hoax game. Paris Hilton recently denied that she and her boyf Benji Madden were planning a double wedding with Joel (is he the handsome one?) and Nicole Richie. Jeepers, with all these wedding shenanigans when does anyone have time to make good music or do other awesome stuff?

Mary Louise Parker has a broken toe
Weeds is back for season 4 and Mary Louise Parker broke her toe during a sex scene per the Post Chronicle. What a wild cat. But it makes us wonder if her split from fiancé Jeffrey Dean Morgan had to do with either clumsiness in the boudoir or some latent BDSM tendencies. Or maybe she’s such a method actress that living with her is impossible. It could be irreconcilable differences.

Corey Haim: Posh, not much of a kisser

Where the hey-hey would Posh Spice and Corey Haim even have met, let alone started dating? Anyway, according to Holy Moly, the 80's star and the Spice Girl/ New English Gentry dated for a bit and Corey Haim didn't think to highly of her snogging technique. That sucks, to get called out by Corey Haim. Maybe she just needed a refresher course on kissing. She could have been a little lost, boys. Despite these revelations, it appears that Posh is good enough for David Beckham. Maybe he likes it how she works that switch and can live with kissing that ain't up to Corey Haim's standards. What does the other Corey thinks about this?

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