Video: Underwater Weddings

Video: Underwater Weddings

The Hilton Petaling Jaya in Malaysia lets guests get married under-the-sea.

Thank God, finally a reason to visit Malaysia. The Hilton Petaling Jaya (near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) wants to make your under-the-sea fantasies come true, Little Mermaid. They're offering a package for 60 guests (only 8 of whom will Scuba dive with the wedding party) at $50 a head for the underwater wedding of your dreams. Presumably, the 52+ guests above deck will get to watch on a closed circuit or something. So, if you're a huge Back To The Future fan, you can married with a real bit of Enchantment Under The Sea. If you don't believe how awesome it is, then you should get a life, or check out the video.

Yeah, it's the real deal down there. So, what happens if you can't convince 58+ friends and family that flying out to Malaysia to maybe/maybe not watch you marry a frogman, the Pensacola, Florida also can make your under-the-sea dreams come true. We've been saying for years that Pensacola is the Kuala Lumpur of the Florida Panhandle, which makes Tallahassee the Singapore of the region. Would anyone out there be up for this? And other ideas for a fun, unusual wedding?