More Sex With Robots

sex with robots

'Doing the robot' may soon have a new connotation.

Jesus, this guy will not let it go. We get it, you want to sex up robots and not feel weird about it. But robo-sexual David Levy just won't leave it alone. Anyway, in an article by the Discovery Channel the artificial intelligence expert predicts that love with robots is 40 years or less away. Evidently, the problem is conversational. Current computers are able to have a conversation on par with a one-year old child. Most guys would feel somewhat bad if their robots to have the maturity level of an 18-year old (though 21 would be preferable for going to virtual bars and dance clubs and 24 so that they can drive the rental care on vacation). OK. And say that in addition to the conversation part, we made a huge amount of progress in realistic materials and various sensors, we'd be all set.

But all is not right in Stepford. Even if we made huge technological leaps with the AI and materials, there are some ethical questions. A British dude named Dylan Evans doesn't like that 'love' with a robot would lack some of the things that make human relationships click. Per Evans the possibility of rejection and other emotional defenses that would make a love-bot a hard sell. Wait, so AI would be real, even if their love wast, Haley Joel Osment.

Uh, and what about the possibility of Johnny 5 being struck by lightening, becoming self-aware, demanding progressive civil rights, and then all of the sudden they've taken us over. Because how are we going to fight back? They're very strong and made of metal. All of this so that some Battlestar Galactica can make their dreams come true with Number Six? Our guess is that, for some reason, more Japanese lady robots will be sold in the US and equally puzzling, more Pamela Anderson-style robots will be sold in Japan. And almost all of the David Hasselhoff robots will be sold in Germany. Weird.

By the way, Sega is now marketing a pocket-size girlfriend robot, per Reuters. So, it's on.