Korean Court Rules Against Going Dutch

Korean Court Rules Against Going Dutch

A dude in South Korea attempted to retroactively make a relationship Dutch.

You know the drill; dude likes chick, dude spends money on her, chick enjoys the ride, chick gets sick of this scene and seeks greener pastures, dude is devastated, dude starts doing math and realizes that he dropped like 10 million won (roughly $10K) on chick and seeks satisfaction. Chick then explains the nature of 'gifts' and courtship. Dude does not care for her tone one bit, so chick signs document that promises she'll repay whatever just to get dude out of her grill. Chick is reasonably sure that the document is non-binding so she ignores it. Dude gets litigious.

And this is where things get interesting. The dude (surnamed Park) files suit and actually wins back the money he spent on their dates. Thus retroactively going Dutch (or whatever the Asian equivalent is). Unfortunately for Mr. Park the chick (surnamed Im) decided to appeal.

And, according to Associated Foreign Press, the higher court backed her side of the story and negated the lower court's decision restoring yin and yang to their proper places and balancing the universe (a little South Korean flag humor). What kind of crazy precedent would that have set? And like all problems in South Korea, we immediately ask 'what Jin Kwon (from Lost) would do?' He would A) never be dumped by a woman unless she was blind or retarded; and B) if that did happen, he'd win her back by changing his ways. Then again some Koreans have been known to hold a grudge, they've only been under an armistice for like 55 years. Though North and South Carolina have been at each other's throats for like 300 years, so whatever.

Mr. Park is lucky that he only bought gifts, imagine how embarrassed he would be if he got her name or visage tattooed on his body. Or if he'd gotten a vasectomy because she insisted on it and then changed her mind but changed it right back after he got the vasovasectomy. Honestly, the only way to get revenge is to have a one-night stand with someone that looks just like her (or her BFF, your choice) and then never call her back, just don't get branded.