Jolie Likes The Pregnant Sex

Jolie Likes The Pregnant Sex

Is Angelina Jolie just in a high school phase?

Everybody loves someone pregnant. Evidently a little thing like a distended belly filled with children is not going to stop Angelina Jolie from getting her swerve on. According to the Herald Sun, Jon Voight's daughter still has sex with Brad Pitt despite holding his babies in her uterus.

And, Jolie says it requires everyone to get more creative, with the angles, rough stuff, and whatnot. Totally gross or sort of beautiful? Isn't this one of those things we don't talk about but everyone implicitly understands? Like kids being a pain and the rich guy-hot chick connection?

In more Jolie news, according to a quick blurb on Yahoo's Buzz Log, Billy Bob Thornton referred to her relationship with Brad Pitt as a "high school phase." And something about being around if/ when she comes to her senses. He must have had a crazy high school if the prom king was having sex with a hot drama dork while she was pregnant. Did we mention that he's promoting an album? And that some people call it a kaiser blade and some people call it a sling blade?