Single Congressman Wants New Models

Single Congressman Wants New Models

Anthony Weiner demands more foreign models.

This may be slightly afield of what we typically cover, but according to the Boston Globe, Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York wants to make it easier for foreign models to get a work visa. Tony Weiner? More like Randy Weiner, right?

Poor taste on our part notwithstanding, Congressman Weiner is a bachelor and has been linked by the New York Post to model Huma Abedin. In 2007, 349 foreign models were given the visas down from about 800 in 2006. The bill seeks to create 1,000 special visas for models only. This is probably one of the few bills that the guys on Wall Street and the Democrats can really agree on. And upon further review, there is some agreement that someone "totally should have nailed" Adriana Lima by now.

Said a guy in favor of the bill, "Dude, they don't know about the minimum wage. They all live together. And think that just because I buy a bottle at the club that they owe me. All I know how to talk about is money, I'm not ready to date regular women, man. 4 more years of Weiner, brah." Fine, no one said that but we're guessing that Bill Clinton would probably refer to Weiner as an "innovator" and "his boy."