Adriana Lima Getting Hitched

Adriana Lima Getting Hitched

Adriana Lima is engaged and a virgin.

We're only vaguely aware of who this is, but evidently a model called Adriana Lima and she's engaged to a basketballer named Marko Jaric. He plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves and she doesn't play for any team. The sweet trollops over at DListed report that Adriana Lima is a maiden. Or at least claims to have her V-Card intact. Which is sort of hard to believe in this day and age. She somehow made it 27 years without having sex even 1 time with 1 person. We didn't think in this over-sexed environment that it was even possible. We're not ragging on her, frankly we're impressed. We thought former Laker AC Green was the only celebrity with that kind of willpower but these days a ton of young Hollywood-types are making virginity vows. We always figure those vows were as reliable as the Prom Promise, but not in her case.

What happens, though, if she doesn't like the sex? Or what if they're, um, proportions are incompatible? He's 6'6", she's a virgin, someone do the math.

So, here's the question, would you rather a spouse/fiance/significant other that was a 10 in the looks department and wasn't a freak in the bed or someone who was like a 7.5 and was a real good sex person who did it all the different ways? The good news for Marko is that she'll learn to do the stuff he likes and will have no comparison if he's really bad at it.