Video: Tom Brady & Sexual Harassment

Video: Tom Brady & Sexual Harassment

There is video evidence that Tom Brady is a sexual harasser.

You may know someone who works in an office, heck you may even be in an office at this very moment, so this one's going out to you. What’s the single biggest pressure in corporate life? Is it finding a good work-life balance? Is it the dreaded TPS report? Or is it the fear that some sex pervert like Tom Brady is going to harass you at your desk? Judge for yourself:

Chris Rock does a joke about this. Sexual harassment is purely a function of how good-looking the guy is. I reference to Clarence Thomas, he said that had it been Denzel Washington the woman would have been all, "Oh Denzel, you nasty!" So, let this be a lesson to anyone trying to get a little strange a work, be attractive and don't be unattractive. And if you're not careful/ play your cards right, Tom Brady will touch your boob. This is the best office dating advice we've ever seen.