Pam & Tommy Lee: Soul Mates

Pam & Tommy Lee: Soul Mates

Your prayers have been answered, Tommy Lee and Pamela may be back.

We'll be damned, all it took was Tommy Lee getting a little tuned up by Kid Rock for Pamela Anderson to take him back. Inexplicably, the drummer for Motley Crue (and Velvet Revolver, at one point) is back with Baywatch Boobzilla. We, honestly, have no idea what to make of this news. Digital Spy reports that the 2 have been divorced for like 10 years, she's since been married to Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid Rock and Rick Salomon and magic. And there's no telling how many ladies he's put the LD down on (remember when he had that show where he went to college?). No word on if they've got

In other news, the Eagles have reunited, Howie Mandel has his own show, and Ed McMahon has gone broke, so who knows what to expect anymore? We're still holding out for Steve Perry getting back together with Journey and possibly a Kim Basinger-Alec Baldwin reconciliation.

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