Dating Brad Garrett Online

Dating Brad Garrett Online

TV's Brad Garrett wants to date you, seriously.

How many 2nd acts does Brad Garrett get? According to Reuters, the tall actor is putting together on online series about going on blind dates. The baritone is going to go on dates with 10 women that submit their video resumes to him (at, if you're into it). The dates will be recorded (for posterity) and then broadcast on Crackle, YouTube, and their ilk. There are easier ways to get laid and didn't that guy already do this in the movie 20 Dates?

You may know Garrett from his work on Til Death (an OK show even if that kid from American Pie is a wiener) or as Ray Romano's goofy brother on Everybody Loves Raymond (we think he's OK). What qualifies him as a person to televise his dating adventures? He's famous-ish, duh. And he has 3 Emmys, so he's a prett-y big deal. We cannot wait to see this dude's game in effect, "Do you think we should call Ray Romano? I have his number here in my phone, we can call him. Did I or we can just get in the Jacuzzi. Be careful not to knock over one of my Emmys. If I get 1 more I can trade if for an Oscar, I heard." We're hoping that 1 of these 10 women manage win this tall drink-of-water's heart. Because a sequel is really bad idea jeans.