UK To Update Prenup Stance

UK To Update Prenup Stance

Prenups may become legally binding in the UK soon.

Evidently, up until now prenups have been suggestions in the UK, rather than law. According to The Daily Mail the so-called divorce capital of the world may cease to be a place for high dollar payouts.

This move could be in response to the big bucks that national treasure Paul McCartney paid out to Heather Mills or the $96 million that Beverly Charman won from UK insurance magnate John Charman. The Daily Mail also splashed us with a quick fun fact, evidently Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have a prenup that will pay her $2 million per year of their marriage and $6 million for every woman that Michael boinks on the side. Good deal.

Who knows how long this is going to take to become law. At one point, the UK was poised to create binding property rights for long-term non-married couples but that lost a bit of steam. In closing, it's going to be a lot harder out there for a gold digger these days, but the recession is no picnic for the rest of us. And when choosing a prenup, always go with the Massey, it's binding.