Sienna Miller Vs. Kate Moss

Sienna Miller Vs. Kate Moss
Buzz, Heartbreak

Kate Moss is not happy about Miller's handling of the Rhys Ifans breakup.

The battle of the waifish British blonds is on like Donkey Kong or something. It turns out that Sienna Miller has broken up with boyf Rhys Ifans (he's wiry). It also happens that Rhys is terribly good friends with Kate Moss (once the most beautiful woman in the world until well into the Pete Doherty era). And according to OK!, Kate told Sienna Miller not to funk with Rhys's heart or else. And now Kate, per OK!, is not happy with the perceived shabby treatment that Sienna has heaped on Mr. Ifans (he's a beautiful soul, we get it). This is playing out just like Some Kind Of Wonderful with Ifans as Eric Stoltz and Sienna and Kate as Lea Thompson and Mary Stuart Masterson, respectively. It really puts it in perspective if you can relate something back to a John Hughes-written 80's dramedy.

We're wondering if this thing will ever come to blows. While Sienna is in the new GI Joe movie, Kate looks a little harder. We wonder what Moss's fiance Jamie Hince thinks of his lady (Moss) standing up for another dude. Maybe he likes a good cat fight. Or maybe he appreciates matters of principle and drawing lines in the sand. Mental note: never make a promise to Kate Moss that you don't fully intend on keeping, she'll give you the frowning of a lifetime. Then again with these mercurial personalities, there's no reason to through out your "Rhys & Sienna 4Ever" t-shirts quite yet.