Brooke Hogan Embarrassed By Parents

Brooke Hogan Embarrassed By Parents

Hulk and Linda Hogan are not making good dating decisions.

According to E!Online, Amazon Brooke Hogan is less than thrilled with her parents. It's not the bronzer and artificially platinum tresses that she's unhappy with. Nor that the family fortune comes from pro rasslin.' She thinks those things are actually pretty cool. What she's not loving is her parents' decision-making on the dating scene. There has been some allegation that Hulk Hogan started dating one of her friends, the 30-year old Christiane Plant, and it led to the Hulkster's divorce from Linda Hogan. Let’s make it a rule, you're no longer a friend if you break up your BFF's parent marriage, unless there was a really good reason. So that sucks.

But now, Linda is upping the ante. She's dating someone even younger. She's going out with (or hanging out with, do people in their late 40's date anymore?) a dude that went to high school with her currently incarcerated son, Nick. Yeah, this young buck, Charlie Hill, is 29 years younger than the estranged Mrs. Hogan. The only way this could get worse for poor Brooke would be for some kind of Hogan sex tape to make it's way onto the interweb, bonus shame if it includes wrestling moves used in an amorous way.

Frankly, we're a lot less embarrassed about everything our parents ever did. She (and all of us, really) should count her blessings that Gene Simmons isn't her pop.