Heidi Klum Likes 'Em Young

seal and heidi klum
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Klum just loves babies and making them.

Don't get us wrong, The Body is totally head-over-meals for Seal, but according to FemaleFirst she really likes having kids. She likes being pregnant and likes having little shavers around, yep Heidi Klum is addicted to babymaking. The model already has 3 children (2 by Seal, 1 by some other, uninvolved dude) and doesn't plan on stopping. She likes the whole roller coaster, not just the opening salvo or the results. Gwyneth Paltrow, on the other hand, really likes having new children around but could do without the 9 months of discomfort.

In a world littered with hyperbole, it's sort of incredible what a big deal Heidi Klum still is. So we wonder if the lingerie industry cringes at the idea of more babies making their way through her body. She and that husband of hers, Seal, have their love meter cranked up to 11 and are ready to share. Good effort, gang.

We're going to keep a very close eye on this "children make us happy" trend. We'll be a little uneasy with this new Hollywood fetishization of the child making/rearing process until we figure out their endgame? Are they trying to out-breed us civilians? Good luck with that, all us non-famous people have is our children and our hope that they may one day be famous and lift us above the filth, like the Lohans did.