Madonna To Split With This Guy?

Madonna To Split With This Guy?

Madonna and Guy Ritchie look to be divorcing.

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, nobody knows but Moses. Fresh off of her victory over the government of Malawi regarding the custody of David Banda, Madonna may now hunts the most dangerous game: man. And she's coming strapped with a bazooka. According to HolyMoly, she has retained Nicholas Mostyn QC (the QC means good) to represent her in a potential divorce. Though, The Metro is reporting that her publicist has denied it. Mr. Mostyn was most recently victorious in the McCartney-Mills divorce. It's sad that they are splitting up but they've had a body language problem for some time and this may have been inevitable. Particularly after Madonna spilled the beans that The Cookie Diet slowed their sex life to a crawl. Bad form, lady.

The batsman in this sticky wicket is that they might not have a prenup. Yes Vezzini, inconceivable. Madonna pulled in major league amounts of cash on her tours the last few years and her deal with Live Nation is the second biggest ever (behind Jay-Z). So, Guy Ritchie could be Guy Richy in a minute.

We're guessing though that he'll agree to an equitable and fair deal if the settlement includes the return of his balls and weekend custody of his street cred.

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