Clintons Suffer Like It's 1999

Clintons Suffer Like It's 1999

Bill and Hillary Clinton still have Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones.

So, in the last week, the Clintons have lost the Democratic Party Presidential Nomination, gotten skewered in Vanity Fair (including but not limited to allegations of Gina Gershon-ing), and now a couple of broads from Arkansas are piling on. At, Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones are getting their sweet revenge on Slick Willy $1.99 at a time.

The two Clinton-era throwbacks have launched a website that is largely videos of them opining on all things Clinton. Advice to Hillary on Bill; "…divorce that chump." They answer other questions that no one but Kenneth Starr may have asked 10 years ago. Like what really happened back in the day and how Hillary Clinton could have overcome Barack Obama's charm (Jones does have experience overcoming charming men). And what really happened in various hotel rooms. Wouldn't it be crazy if these 2 remnants from a bygone time cracked the code of monetizing content on the interweb? And here the rest of us are ad-supported, like suckers. That sound you hear is Rush Limbaugh getting his credit card (and possibly some lubricant) out.

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