9021-OMG Another Spelling!

9021-OMG Another Spelling!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have a C Section/baby.

The LA Times is reporting that Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott had a baby on Monday at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. She allegedly had a C Section, which means her daughter, Stella Doreen McDermott, ought to have a perfectly shaped head. There are other good things about a C Section, from Dean's perspective, but we're too shy to say. This new daughter joins son Liam in the Spelling-McDermott family and narrowly avoided being an Irish Twin.

This is probably a good time to discuss how psyched/apprehensive we are about the new 90210 show (or BH Niner as Diablo Cody calls it). If they stick to the times and make it Gossip Girl West Beverly, it could be good if not a little derivative. But if they go back to the heavy-handed morality of the old show, will anyone watch it? It was a different era, man. Everyone thought you could get AIDS from everything, the President had to claim that he didn't inhale, the g-string was something only strippers wore, and Girls Gone Wild was just a glint in some dirtbag's eye. How innocent were we, man? Jim Walsh's Midwestern sense of propriety would get him shanked by today's kids. We're cautiously excited about this show.

We're even more excited that Tori's daughter, Stella, has a better name than Jessica Alba's kid. The only way to make fun of Stella is by reference to A Streetcar Named Desire and any kid that alluded to Streetcar is automatically dorking themselves. Way to go Tori and Dean, mission one as a parent is accomplished, you haven't permanently crippled your kid with an awful name.