How To Get Duped On Web Dating

How To Get Duped On Web Dating

Conman in Philadelphia scams $100k from online dating.

Eesh. Not good news. A dude claiming to be a millionaire record exec soaked 13 Philadelphia-area women out of $100K. The dirtbag, a Mr. Paul Krueger, is a homeless fellow with a laptop computer and no regard for the sanctity of the internet. Without a job to go to or a home to keep up, he had plenty of time on his hands to go on the WWW, create a dating profile, meet 13 single women, convince them that he was the real deal, entice them into investing in a phony baloney company, and then not calling them again (or what we call 'Tuesday'). That's a heck of a grift. James "Sawyer" Ford would be proud of that long con.

The finance blog, Zen Personal Finance, thinks that these women should have used a website with the patented certification program. Barring that, they should have used a billionaire matchmaking service because that fraternity is still fairly limited.

It sucks that internet love has supplanted greed as the best way to separate nice people from their money. If someone, other than the elderly or mentally feeble, falls for the Nigerian (Spanish) Prisoner ("Dear Sir, I have $20 million in a bank, I need $12,000 to get it out of my country, I'll give you half."), shame on them. But lonely people represent an easy target to honey trap. Is promising love and delivering graft (plus scabbies) any different than being a gold digger? Sure, it is. Gold diggers usually believe in some sort of quid pro quo arrangement then they exploit various loopholes in the legal system. That subtle gray area between conman and kept man really makes a difference.

In the year 2000, everyone will have a way of validating their income in their car phone, a gold necklace with a chili pepper will no longer suffice. If you see 1 movie the rest of your live, make it Gattaca.