Movin' On Up?

Movin' On Up?
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Colleen and her fiance agree that moving is a possibility.

I’ve always been kind of spontaneous. A few years ago, I was living in Atlanta, and in a span of two weeks, I had accepted a job, packed up my house, sold my car and moved to NY. Just as suddenly a few years later, I moved back to Atlanta to be with Fred. I like change, excitement, breaking out of the routine.

Recently I’ve been getting the itch to move somewhere again, and it hit me: I can’t just pick up and go any time I want to. I’m engaged. I have another person’s feelings and future to consider. That kind of sucks.

I told Fred how I felt a few weeks ago–that if we end up staying in Atlanta for the rest of our lives because we want to, then that would be great. But if we decide now that there’s never even the option of moving, then I will begin to feel trapped– and caged animals are not the nicest creatures.

After thinking about it, Fred said he was open to moving and then the more we talked about it, the more excited he became. Now we’re both looking at jobs in Colorado, New York, Boston, San Antonio. Just the thought of change–the option of it–has been enough to soothe the ache of monotony inside me.

Who knows? We may end up staying put for now. But wherever we end up, I know that we will be together–it’s kind of the deal I made when I accepted the ring. But it’s also really comforting. Yes, I’ve lost the independent spontaneity when it comes to big life changes, but I’ve gained a sidekick who’s willing to take the ride with me.


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