Interweb Dating Helps Prisoners

Interweb Dating Helps Prisoners

Dating sites cater to hooking up cons with people on the outside.

A whole feature on this would be better but we'll run with what The Metro started. There is a Dutch prisoner welfare group called Bonjo and they think it's a good idea to match up prisoners with people on the outside for dating purposes. Their theory is that since 70% of ex-cons are back in jail inside of 5 years of their release date providing structure on the outside could help. Good theory, like communism. Prison, at least in the US, is not about rehabilitation, it's punishment. Which is unfortunate, because with all of the fighting, weightlifting, and networking, we're turning most of these guys into more effective criminals. If these guys (and gals) were learning baking and watching 10 hours of TV a day, the whole web thing might sound more reasonable. In that case their punishment could be more psychological, like the idiot that thought it would be a good idea to use prisons as customer service centers, those people get verbal abuse. Though it beats making license plates.

Conjugal visits look like a good idea on paper, but just because you met someone on doesn't mean that the ole warden is going to lend you his couch to beat it up. Sure, there's something comforting to some people about always knowing where their boo is, but this is ridiculous. On an episode of Seinfeld, George proved that this is not a good idea, because sometimes you really don't have a plan for when they get out.

So, what have learned from this article? A) There is a website called and it's not raunchy, caged heat porn. B) A whole lotta people suffer from hybristophilia (sexual excitement due to being with a violent person or bad boy blood lust). And C) most prisoners are recidivists but some dude from NetherNetherland thinks dating them is safer than a regular dude online.
Note: is not a real website, to our knowledge.