Love Hewitt To Marry For Visa Reasons

jennifer love hewitt and ross mccall

Jennifer Love Hewitt to bump up wedding for her dude's visa.

See, stars are just like us. Jennifer Love Hewitt is marrying a dude so that the US doesn't deport with the rest of the freeloading Scots (like Groundskeeper Willie, "No foolin'? I'm from North Kilt-Town"). As you may remember, JLH and Ross McCall were engaged back in November 2007, so in all honesty, this is a preternaturally long Hollywood engagement.

Fametastic reports that Jennifer Love Hewitt had been initially reticent to do a summer wedding to avoid being a sweaty bride. But with the looming actors strike, Ross McCall's work visa might make him pull a Nicholas Garrigan and take the next plane out of here (after brutal torture). This dude can act let's figure this out, he was in Band Of Brothers. Thanks, writers, now everyone thinks they can just quit working and get a bigger slice of the DVD sales and interweb rebroadcastation rights. You've ruined JLH's big day. You had better pray that there are no paps on hand for bikini pics from the wedding, we've had enough of feeling sorry for her cellulite ridicule.

We wonder if the gay marriage in California thing will keep more immigrants here, "Uh, ya know how my Visa's aboot to expire? Do you think we can get married, eh hoser?"