Boy or Girl? The Envelope, Please

Boy or Girl? The Envelope, Please
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Learning a baby's gender outside the confines of a cold exam room.

For parents learning the sex of an unborn child, the news can be anticlimactic when delivered in an impersonal examination room--one of life's big surprises unceremoniously presented amidst ultrasound gel and stirrups.

Innovative couples are instead asking doctors to write down the gender and seal it in an envelope. The couple opens it later at a chosen setting, be it during a romantic dinner or on Christmas morning, as we heard one set of expectant parents did.

One can imagine "gender unveiling" parties happening soon; once expectant grandparents get wind of any further cause for celebration, the event is on. Then there are couples like Brangelina, who could probably earn a cool couple million (for charity, of course) were the golden envelope to arrive at a tabloid of their choosing.

In other baby-related trends: push presents. Check out the video below for the 411 on gifts for baby (mommas) and other relationship news.


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