New Obsession: Swingtown

Buzz, Sex

CBS gets a little racy this summer.

The TV addict that I am, I usually slip into a mild depression after sweeps. What will I do with my evening hours? Summer and mid-season replacements almost always pale in comparison to the real-deal shows, but there's one exception: Swingtown. Attempting to recreate the 1970s summer-of-love vibe, they've come pretty close. The 8mm video style camera work and wardrobes give it a grainy, authentic feel, as actress Lana Parilla can attest. You almost (almost) forget you're watching CBS.

Caveat: Some of the orgy scenes were overdone as regular cable can't really get down and dirty, and they overcompensated with the 70s jive.

Things that made me grimace: the unfortunate sideburns.

Things that made me cheer: Finally, someone unearthed Jake from Melrose Place. Yay, Grant Show! Might be hard to recognize him behind that two-foot mustache, but it's him. And he likes to party. Hard.


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