This Could Be Bad

This Could Be Bad

Bride hypnotized so she doesn't puke at her wedding.

You've worn a lot of bridesmaids dresses that have made you want to puke. But nineteen-year-old Emma Pelling of England was actually so scared that she'd upchuck during her nuptials that she's getting hypnotized before her wedding day.

Pelling suffers from an irrational fear of throwing up, called emetophobia, brought on from an incident at school five years ago. In the years since, this South London bride has thrown up at aquariums, fairgrounds and among ex-boyfriends and as part of her disease, she is phobic about returning to those places for fear of reliving the humiliation. Naturally, Pelling does not want to get sick from her pre-wedding jitters on her big day.

Maybe if Bridezillas looks too much like Fear Factor, the time isn't right to get hitched?


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