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Mama Mia

Mama Mia

Ryan Secreast's new dating show sets out to ruin the lives of many.

Worried you're not man enough? Want your 15 minutes of D-list fame? Want to never date again? Well, has Ryan Secreast got a gig for you!

The American Idol is now casting for the show he's executive-producing Momma's Boys, a reality show about wimpy men controlled by their mothers that's sure to turn back the clock on feminist advances everywhere. Page Six reports that Backstage, a magazine that posts auditions for actors, is casting single guys who have a "unique and strong relationship with their mothers...mothers should have strong opinions about whom their son should date." Right, because guys who have a strained relationship with their mothers are usually such great catches. We certainly don't want to encourage men into having strong, positive relationships the most important woman in their lives. No, siree.


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