Our 2 Favorites: Food & Sex

box of chocolates

Food and sex are still tightly linked per 2 new studies.

A UK paper called The Metro had 2 articles yesterday on correlations between food and sex.

First, The Metro reported on a study about men exposed to erotic imagery and lacy underalls were more likely to crave sweets and more impatient about receiving rewards (hungry = horny). Which is something women have only known since forever, hence strip clubs and pretend strip clubs like Hooters and Coyote Ugly. You may remember a study a little while back that linked sex and financial irresponsibility... in men (see Spitzer, Eliot). Weird that no such experience has been uncovered in women, though plying diamond shine with the words "I love you" in conjunction with a handful of Peach Cosmotinis rarely works as an deal closer on men. So the battle of the sexes is still a toss-up, right?

The second hit from The Metro is that bad diets are ruining the sex lives of some 15 million Englanders. Which is shocking because we didn't know that there was 15 million sexually active English people and that food had any bearing at all on our physical wellbeing, 2 good facts. So, it's garbage in, garbage out when it comes to your junk. And if you think about it objectively, barbeque sauce on someone's face and a distended belly from eating ribs is at least mildly unsexy.

See the video below to see more on food and sex working together (that guy is nice-looking).