Indian Couple Divorced Without Consent

Indian Couple Divorced Without Consent

An Indian couple just found out were divorced without their knowledge.

OK, the judge is like, "OK. Everyone still married to Virender Verma take a step forward. Not so fast Meena Verma." A couple of Indians were in for quite a shock when they found out that someone took the liberty of divorcing them without their consent back in 1998. The BBC reports that Virender Verma (it's a dude) and Meena Verma only found out about the divorce when filing a complaint against Virender's brother. Per the report, the brother is a bit of a psycho.

The Vermas swear up and down that they've never been divorced and have corroborating evidence in their favor. And furthermore, they're pretty sure that this abusive brother started these shenanigans 10 years ago when they objected to his violent behavior. Evidently, the sibling is a lawyer and we all know what they're capable of... filling out paperwork to secure a surreptitious divorce. There are some strange Indian laws, so we're not shocked that you can get divorced without standing before a judge (Salman Rushdie, take note). When probed, the couple agreed that, for some strange reason, the last 8 years had been a lot less monotonous and the sound of each other's voice wasn't as irritating, weird.