Gina Gershon And Bill Clinton?

Gina Gershon And Bill Clinton?

In a Vanity Fair article a Gershon-Clinton hookup is alleged.

Whaaaa? Showgirl and Slick Willy? Not so fast. You know how the last 8 years have really made us forget about some of the skeevier parts of the Clinton Administration? You know how working with Bush Senior on tsunami relief effort caused us to un-remember Bill Clinton's general smugness and really focus on Ken Starr's 'gross misuse of funds'? And then Democratic nomination started bringing it all back? We're starting to remember that we used to think that Hillary may be a little frosty and that their machinations could cripple their party for some years. It's all flooding back. And we're not alone. Even the 'liberal media' has decided the party is over.

The next Vanity Fair has a long feature by Todd Purdum that brings all of the bygone predations of those days back to the forefront. While Vanity Fair is consistently one of the best written (and longwinded) magazine in America, it is seldom "fair and balanced," despite giving 8,000 words to Christopher Hitchens when he wants it. Part of Purdum's article, according to TMZ, mentions that Clinton may have had a tryst with Gina Gershon. Clinton has called (and apologized for calling) Purdum a 'scumbag' and, for her part, Gershon demands a retraction. This seems like a stretch, Gershon isn't really Bill's type. She's hot and not needy. Don't get us wrong, we're willing to bet that Bill had seen Bound (Gina and Jennifer Tilly) like 40 times by the end of his term, but this doesn't really fit.