Ford – Flockhart Engaged

Ford – Flockhart Engaged

How about that? Socialite Life is reporting that Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart are going to get married after he completes the publicity tour for . Evidently, the 2 got engaged on April 1st (a day renowned for being the first day of the fourth month of the Gregorian Calendar and nothing else).

There was a rumor that they were engaged April 1, 2007 (unless this is the same engagement), so who knows if any of this is true. Given that Ford's last marriage ended in one of the most expensive Hollywood divorces of all time, we're guessing that A) Brothers & Sisters is a cash cow for Flockhart; B) they are signing an iron-clad prenup like the Massey prenup; or C) both. Of the roughly $1 billion that The Crystal Skull is going to bilk out of innocent/ loyal fans, we wonder how much Ford is going to see? Also, we wonder if he ever pulled the old, "Who's your second choice for Indiana Jones?" trick during back-end negotiations? And laugh when they suggest Michael Douglas or George Clooney. It's just a guess, but we don't think Calista was very nervous about Ford leaving her bony ass for Indy's love interest in the latest installment.

Hopefully, George Lucas won't be called on to write the wedding vows. And that Spielberg will steer clear of any of the wedding planning.

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