SATC: The Men Are Running (Away)

SATC: The Men Are Running (Away)
Buzz, Self

Guys do not need to know if Carrie marries Big.

We took an informal poll (by "informal" we mean the guys in the office) to glean what men think of the SATC phenomenon that will sweep the country tonight as the box office opens for Carrie et al. Turns out, more than general apathy about the she-power that is Sex and the City, these men can't run fast or far enough from it.

We played a quick word-association game with the guys. Here are their gut reactions to the pillars of SATC:

Cosmopolitan: A green martini.

Mr. Big: Those Mr. Men books/cartoons. (I have kids, okay?)

Miranda: Nails on a chalkboard.

Will Carrie marry Big? I thought his name was Adam.

You and your wife/girlfriend in a theater, watching SATC on the big screen:

-Would never happen, this movie is not important enough for a babysitter.

-She owes me.

-We will play video games until dawn that night.

After further analysis, we can officially make this analogy:
SATC : men
Live sporting events : women

Relationships are give and take, remember? You can roll you eyes through Carrie's over-the-top wedding scene while we stifle yawns at the Yankees game. We're even now!