More Ellen Marriage Talk With The GOP

More Ellen Marriage Talk With The GOP

Ellen tries to borrow the Bush Crawford Ranch for her gay marriage.

The eponymous host of the talk show Ellen chatted it up with Jenna Hager (nee Jenna Bush) and Laura Bush. Last time when she was on the show, Jenna called up the President (George W. Bush) and he wished Ellen's audience a merry Christmas, though it sounded like he was napping. What did Ellen and Jenna and Laura have in store this time around?

Weird how Ellen Degeneres mentioned her marriage to Portia De Rossi, weird. She already asked John McCain to walk her down the aisle. And if this Crawford Ranch thing works out she'll only need to invite Mike Huckabee on the show, shame him into performing the service, and complete the ultimate gay marriage trifecta. The Bush wedding looked like a lot of fun. Let it not be said that that family doesn't know how to get down. Weird how there were no pictures of certain family members sweating profusely while dancing without music, weird. And the boxing shorts were a nice wedding gift from Ellen hopefully their donning (and doffing) will precede conception of a royal heir and thus fulfill the prophecy.