Clooney Gets Tat: Bachelor 4 Life

george clooney and Sarah Larson

George Clooney has, reportedly, dropped Sarah Larson.

Fine. George Clooney doesn't sport a 'Bachelor 4 Life' tat, but maybe he should. According to The Telegraph, Clooney has kicked Sarah Larson to the curb. What is it that chicks don't get about the Cloonster? Everyone knows that A) he makes one film for the studios and one for himself; B) he does not care for David O Russell one bit; 3) he's an inveterate prankster; and 4) he's a wild maverick that no lady can tame.

Where, in their year of dating, did Larson think things were veering off of that path? Sure, they got in a motorcycle wreck and that may have bought her another few months but come on. The one-year mark is a pretty major accomplishment for the 29-year old Larson, though. Maybe the handwriting was on the wall back in April of 2008 when George Clooney received a cryptic voicemail warning him about Larson. And it seems like we've been seeing her more of her by herself (pictorials, interviews, etc). Maybe they had a deal like when Patrick Dempsey purchased that girl's attention in Can't Buy Me Love. We're not sure what the richest, most handsomest man alive could possibly want but it's a remote possibility.

Anyway, this was inevitable, Clooney has a 6-digit bet with Michelle Pfeiffer that he'll never get married and what's love compared to $100,000... for a multi-millionaire. Somewhere Brad Pitt is gently crying himself to sleep wondering what the hell went wrong, that poor guy's in over his head.