Bollywood Star May Have Supported Troops

Bollywood Star May Have Supported Troops

Australian actress Tania Zaetta may have entertained the troops too much.

Wow. A Bollywood actress called Tania Zaetta is being accused of supporting Australian troops a little too much. According to Yahoo News, the Australian performer made a visit to Aussie bases in Afghanistan. And now the tour she was part of is dealing with allegations of impropriety of the sexual nature. Tania Zaetta, 37, denies any wrongdoing. Reports are being investigated by Australia's Department of Defence.

No one can accuse Zaetta of not loving her country. Regardless if this is true, it's probably a major morale booster (and really makes the Taliban mad) and the Pentagon is likely coordinating with Paris Hilton's handlers for a USO tour as we speak. Being worshiped by several dozen in-shape (we're guessing the train will probably be involved), 21-year old soldiers beats getting pawed at by Greasy Bear Davis (or Ron Perelman) night after night after night. All's fair in love and war, Timmy.


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