Spencer On Star F*cking

Spencer On Star F*cking

Spencer Pratt gives more crappy advice.

In his column of advice for Radar, Spencer Pratt has given us some dyno-mite advice. He told people how to get (or not get) anal. He let readers know that most guys are jerks (while other guys aren't). And told one girl how to get past (or not get past) drunkenly pissing a guy's bed. And this time around, he's got advice for a young woman that feels like a major league whore-sack for hooking up with a dude just because he's a C-list celeb. Spencer advises her to just aim higher next time. Again, Spencer's advise needs to get much better or much worse, like The Hills.

Which is not the worst advice? That would be try to date the guy and start a website about how bad he is in bed if he’s not interested. Now that’s bad advice. Our good advice would be to not sweat it. It's OK to be a star-fucker. We're pretty sure there's a loophole in every woman's 'count' with respect to celebrities and spring-break, whereas guys get to count celebrities twice.

But who could this mystery C-lister be? Let's see, he was single, not traditionally handsome, up for a one-night gig, and possibly in California. Hmm. Wilmer Valderrama? Though it could just as easily have been Jason Wahler or someone from The Real World.