Listen Up: Lady-hating or Mantastic?

Listen Up: Lady-hating or Mantastic?

This commercial for the Listen Up makes us wonder.

We were a little dubious when a Salon writer with a video game-addict husband equated noise-canceling headphones with misogyny (we suspect that the melodrama was for effect), but we can sort of, on a clear, clear day with low humidity and no smog-effect see some inkling of a point. As if to drive this point home, the writer psychically alerted us to this fun commercial:

So, if you're wife is a total shrew or you're just looking for someone, anyone to notice the all of the good things you've been doing in the gymnasium, buy the Listen Up. We all know that those neighbor women met both the husband and wife but only think he's nice, because it's plain to see what a bitch she is. So, we're at the point in human history when anything involving noise amplification or cancellation is considered as direct strike against women and refusal of feminist theory. The good news is that at $14.99 it's way cheaper than separate bedrooms and less iritating than fishing for compliments from loved ones.