Jared Leto Not Reason For Simpson Split

Jared Leto Not Reason For Simpson Split

Jared Leto claims no responsibility for Jessica and Tony's split.

We'd like to first thank Jared Leto for answering the question that none of us asked. According to Digital Spy, the actor and "frontman" for a band called 30 Seconds To Mars was rumored to be the culprit behind Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson's breakup. And he's denied any wrongdoing. What?

Weren't Jessica and Tony bumping (and grinding) at Ashlee's wedding the other day? And weren't all of the rumors about their split centered around him getting drunk and frisky with some Jessie Simpson lookalikes? We never once heard Leto mentioned. Although it does make some sense that he'd inject himself in this situation. His new flick Chapter 27 could use a little hype. Dude gained enough weight to get gout for his role as the dingus that shot John Lennon. We'll know that he's for sure looking for publicity if he claims no responsibility for the Denise Richards-Charlie Sheen sitch. Also, Lindsay Lohan is in the movie too, so we can see Leto letting us know that he had nothing to do with her engagement/ non-engagement to Samantha Ronson (sister of musician Mark Ronson).

We're starting to suspect the scene in Fight Club in which Ed Norton disfigures Leto's face was probably not in the script but unanimously voted on by the cast and crew.